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Spring Rain

As I write this, the temperature outside is a warm 85 degrees. The upcoming forecast has words in it like ‘hot’ and ‘humid’. Any signs of spring have dissipated as quickly as June has arrived (I can’t be the only one finding it hard to believe 2017 is almost half over…).

That all being said, I want to bring you back to a couple of months ago during a much colder time when signs of spring were just beginning to pop up, and the sweet smell of summer was on the horizon. My family and I had a Groupon to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum that we needed to use up; we had been waiting as long as possible to redeem it, in order to try and go when spring flowers would be in bloom. However, the day we planned to go, we woke up to the weather being cold and rainy. As many Groupon stories go, this also coincided with the last day before the Groupon expired. So, we loaded up the car with our belongings (my camera) and off we went.

In one of my very first blog posts, I wrote about ‘watching the weather‘ for wonderful weather phenomenons in order to capture amazing and unique photos. I took this post to heart as I stood outside in the cold rain to photograph flowers that weren’t even fully in bloom yet, and hoped that I would be able to capture some different takes on spring flowers; something I maybe hadn’t captured before.

I think I see many more cold and rainy days ahead for me, photographically speaking.

I hope you enjoy.









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